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If you are planning your wedding you are probably being bombarded from all sides which what you ‘should' do and what is ‘traditional' and ‘what everyone else does'. However, having lived your life up to this point already, you also know that there is no such thing as normal and this means that you don't have to worry about what everyone else does when they get married, you only have to worry about what you and your soon-to-be-spouse want.

One of the most contentious issues in wedding planning can be the wedding transport you and your partner choose - and rightly so, because your wedding transport makes a statement about the style of your wedding day and what your guests can expect from the party, before they have even laid eyes on you. Therefore, you want your wedding transport to reflect yourself and your partner and your attitudes towards your wedding, without worrying about what is the ‘right' transport choice.

Well here at Wedding Transport, you won't feel pressured to comply with a certain type or a certain image for your wedding day. This is because we offer a range of different wedding transport options for the never ending range of brides and grooms in the UK.

Here you have a choice of a range of different wedding limousines so if you have dreams of arriving in a striking white limousine with a unique road presence without skimping on any style or class then you may choose to hire our new white Rolls-Royce Phantom limousine. Or for an even more unique wedding limousine you could choose from our range of stretch SUV limousines in almost any colour you can imagine.

Or if you want to leave the worries of the world down on the ground you may choose to arrive to your wedding in a helicopter - that's right, arrive at your wedding from the air. Can you imagine how unique your wedding photos will be!?

Back on the ground you may like to indulge in the transport of yesteryear by travelling to your wedding in a horse and carriage. Or perhaps you really want to embrace the party atmosphere of the day and transport your whole wedding party and all of your guests in a chauffeur driven luxury coach.

Whatever your wedding dreams look like, at Wedding Transport Hire you don't have to feel pressured to comply with a traditional wedding, simply contact us now to discover even more wedding transport options.

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